Thursday, August 29, 2013

Getting Children involved!

As Co-Troop Leader of a Girl Scout Troop, I feel that it is important that we get our children involved in wonderful programs such as Girl Scout or Boy Scouts.  Not only does this build character but it teaches them important lessons and ethics that are still used today. Also, making new friends is always a plus.

For those parents who say oh, I cant afford it! You're wrong.  If your child qualifies for reduced or free lunches at school your child can easily join with little to cost.

Tonight, was a fantastic example of what being part of a community is all about. We registered over 50 girls to join Girl Scouts! I am so proud and excited to get to know these girls.

If Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts isn't your cup of tea, I suggest sports.  That teaches them team building skills they will need as adults, it also gives them a healthy outlook on life.  I'm not saying your child needs to become the next Olympic athlete but sports does offer a sense of pride in what you do.

As parents we should motivate them, encourage them, and lead by example. Here is a quote I will leave you with.

"We get strength and encouragement by watching our children!"  ~author unknown~

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