Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Long Time No Write.

I apologize for not keeping up on my blog.  Things have been crazy.  I've moved, my husband had to have surgery, and my son fell and broke his arm and surgery is pending.  All in 1 month! Insane, right?  Any how....

My second book, Lucy and the New Baby is available on Amazon, in paperback and Kindle!

Lucy's Big Mess is doing well, things have slowed, but that's okay.

I am going to miss West Virginia. I loved my house and the town, but now I am back home to Illinois.

I was scheduled to have my first acting job for a possible Sci-fi show coming 2016, but with all this craziness I just don't know, if I'll ever get my 15 seconds of fame.. lol.

Saturday, May 9, 2015


I've never been this passionate about a show before. I truly see the potential it has. It can and will become just as popular as Castle, if people would give it a chance! ‪#‎saveforever‬


If all of our efforts should fail, I want the whole cast and crew of ‪#‎Forever‬ to know the ‪#‎foreverists‬ did their best to save a beyond brilliant show, that people were just not ready for or never gave it a chance. To the fans who watched, shared, waited in anticipation every week, to know ‪#‎WeTried‬ to ‪#‎saveforever‬. To ‪#‎netflix‬, ‪#‎ABC‬, ‪#‎NBC‬ ‪#‎FOX‬ and other channel outlets, who did not make the effort to ‪#‎RENEWFOREVER‬ I want you to know that you have devastated millions of fans and potential fans. I pray this show doesn't become your ‪#‎firefly‬. Thank you to the actors who brought these characters to life. Thank you to the brilliant writers who gave us an amazing story. You will #Forever hold a place in our hearts.