Monday, January 12, 2015

Lucy and the New Baby, by Kim Yannayon

Tomorrow is the official release date for my second book!  I am so excited.  I would like to thank everyone who made this happen. I would like to thank Tate Publishing for being patient with me and all my changes.  A big, BIG THANK YOU to my parents and my husband. Of course, i'd like to thank my children for being to inspiration behind my books.

Lucy and the New Baby had already been awarded The Readers' Favorite 5 Star Award! Thank you for that and such a wonderful review! You can see the review here ►Lucy and The New Baby Review

I am thrilled to see it already available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books A Million, and more!

The audio book for this and my first book, Lucy's Big Mess are in the works right now!  My next goal is to try (TRY) to get my books turned into an animated series. I've been asked what is the next book about and when does it come out.  Well, I have started to write several books, but I have not finished any of them yet.

I have also, signed a voice over contract with a company and I am hoping to do a few commercials.  I was offered a minor, featured, extra in an upcoming movie, but unfortunately I had to decline, due to unforeseen circumstances.

This past year has been incredibly difficult for my family. We've lost so many loved ones and there never seems to be enough time to tell them we love them.  I am hoping to make 2015 very productive.  I have had several radio commercials aired nation wide for my first book, and I should have some for my second before long.  I have a tv commercial currently on youtube for Lucy and The New Baby. Please check it out.

My Facebook page has been verified, so please give that page a like.  I have been doing some minor work producing short films, hopefully I will move on to full length, feature films this year. You can see a full list on my IMDb page.

Please be sure to look for my book in stores.  Thank you.