Thursday, December 7, 2017

My Thoughts of Book Reviews

Reviews are an important part of writing, they can be fantastic or horrific.  Positive reviews can be exhilarating and often rewarding. Knowing that somewhere, someone out there appreciates and felt something for your hard earned work. However, no one likes reading a negative review of their own book.

As a writer, albeit a novice perhaps, I understand the hard work and mental process that goes into writing. I am an avid book reader. I originally started this blog with the idea and concept of reviewing my thoughts on all the books that I've read. Obviously, I have not done that. Sure, I've written a few but otherwise, I've treated this blog more as a personal journal.

Nevertheless, with all that said I recently read a book that made me cringe. I was proud of myself for finishing it when I wanted to delete it from my kindle. I felt horrible for leaving a negative book review. I wish I could have given the author points just for the hard work and storyline and what not, but ultimately the review is for the book and not the author.

I know it seems stupid, but this review is really making me feel bad because I am an author/writer. I know it will be easy for people to probably figure out what all books I've reviewed but I choose not to say in this post.

I do want to talk about why I left the review I did. I have several pet peeves when it comes to books.

Does the title of the book match the story? No, this one didn't at all.

Does the about the book match the story? No, this one didn't.

Does the description give the reader a heads up on language, sexual scenes, situations etc.? No, not at all. I was actually quite disgusted. Somethings are just not my cuppa tea. Example. If I'm reading a romance novel, I'd like to know if it is between a man and a woman, same sex, menage a trois, etc. and I feel that kind of disclosure should be in the description and about this book.

Also, another pet peeve I have is grammar. I am not referring to the uses of there, their, they're; although that is important. I am referring to linguistic grammar. If an author is American and their characters are Irish, I would like and expect them to use Irish references. If the author is British and they set their characters in America, then I would like them to use the correct term (flat vs apartment, jumper vs sweater etc.)... However, I am very hypocritical on this. I have a tendency to use British phrases, spelling, and terms in my everyday use but not in my stories. I am actually very anal-retentive of it and I think it goes toward the story and mindset.

Now, with that being said I had a problem with the author having the character whose an Amercian using British terms of endearment.  It was also very repetitive. Almost every time the character spoke to the other. "No worries, love." Love is not often used. I have never met an American without British heritage to use the endearment love. Sweetheart, Babe, Sugar etc. that's more commonly used.

I also cannot stand the echoing of words. Okay, a sporadic word or phrase for dramatic effect is fine but to the point that it's every paragraph... Arrgh!  In case you're wondering what I mean by echoing I will explain.  "We will get our revenge, yes we will get our revenge." "That will do pig, that will do."It gets old quick.

So, with all that I had to leave a 1 star. It was just too much. Again, I wish that I could have given the author a higher star rating for their accomplishments of creating and writing the book, but it's not about the author, it's about the book. I just hope that if I leave someone a negative book review they understand I don't mean it personally. Yes, I understand it's hard not to take it that way because it's your work and maybe a piece of you.

Thank you.