Thursday, January 26, 2017

Don't Stop Believing

Journey was right, Don't Stop Believing.  I hope things are finally looking up for me and my family.  I've had a rough couple of years.  I am very blessed and fortunate to be working with great people. I have a small role in a short trilogy and I am even the Office Production Manager.  It's truly nice to do a job that people appreciate you and don't talk down to you.

Also, my husband's business Quality By Design Construction is doing great. He's swamped with work and is extremely hard working. I am managing the office and website for his business as well.  I must say I am quite impressed with how far my web building skills have come without proper schooling.

Today, I had an audition/ phone interview for a national commercial and print campaign. I pray to God I get the job.... If you could be so kind as to pray or send positive thoughts, I would appreciate it.

I've kinda held off on my books at the moment. Perhaps this year, I will get back into it. I don't know, I am just tired of people soliciting me into buying advertisement, or my personal favorite, "Hi, we would love to feature you in our magazine."  I reply "sure". Then I get the email of the catch. "Great, just send us $xxx.xx and we will feature you."

REALLY...?? So you don't want to feature me or include my book you want me to buy a column in a magazine I've never heard of.  Sad this is, Ive this same email/scam whatever, 3 times.

I got a better one for ya.  "Hi, I'd like to purchase the right to your book, but you need to pay me $2000.00 that's refundable"...

Bloody Hell, I swear people are horrible lately.  My husband jokes that they are just trying to make money to pay off those credit cards from Christmas.. LOL. Perhaps so.

Nevertheless, I had still managed to see the positive side of things and I'd like to think not everyone has an agenda.  Perhaps,.. but I wont stop believing....

Take care,