Sunday, May 18, 2014

Testing Other Blogs.

I couldn't sleep and decided I wanted to see what the hype over WordPress was about.  I cannot figure out why so many of my Twitter and LinkedIn friends have a WordPress blog.  

They charge for things that are free on here.  For $99.00 a year you get a custom web address (you can get that for $10.00 from, No ads (you can get paid for the ads here), Customized fonts, yes I said fonts, AND you can upload a video directly on your blog (that's free here too)

Nevertheless, I still created my free WordPress blog. It's called This, That, & The Other. I wanted to call it something different, but I cannot take the title out of all capitals and nothing else looked right.

Please go look and see what you think.  I'll wait. Lol.  

There is one thing that I do like about WordPress, most of it's user friendly and very easy to add pages to the site.  

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