Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Getting Prepared!

I am currently in the process of trying to make my book signing events the best they can be.  I have ordered some items that I will pass out and give away FREE to the children who come out to my book signing. I have ordered bubbles and pencils. I know that's not a lot. I also ordered multiple- 4 packs of crayons to give away with a coloring sheet.  

I created two word finder puzzles and a maze. I am really impressed with how well my maze turned out. I am looking forward to giving out those puzzles.  I've really put a lot of time and thought into these events.  I just hope it pays off.

I will soon have coffee cups for sale, as well as, a tote bag and blanket.  One day I hope to have a Lucy stuffed animal.

Have a good night.

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